The Civil Liberties Minute
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To: His Excellency the Governor

From: The ACLU

Re: The Coronavirus Pandemic

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A new death penalty is being carried out in prison and jails in the United States.

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Can President Trump use the COVID-19 crisis as a rationale to cancel the 2020 elections?

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The time for mail-in voting is now.

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This episode, one in a series about COVID-19, focuses on those who live paycheck to paycheck.

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This episode, one in a series about COVID-19, deals with population control measures that may be enacted by state and federal governments to minimize the spread of this pandemic. 

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This episode, one in a series about COVID-19, deals with populations which are or may be at risk of being incarcerated during this public health crisis.

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What does our nation's founding document say about how to handle an epidemiological event like this one?

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Not just at our southern border.

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That's Stone-cold scary.

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Can it really be a federal crime to save people who otherwise will die of dehydration and exposure? 

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With the 2020 Superbowl upon us, this issue deserves attention. NOTE: This ACLU Minute was initially uploaded with audio errors on 1/17/20. It has now been fixed and reuploaded as of 1/21/20.

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Trump, Iran & AUMF

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SCOTUS on Abortion

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Drivers Licenses for immigrants without documents.

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After Impeachment

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What exactly is an "auld lang syne" and why do we care?

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Back by popular demand- the ACLU Carolers.

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Seeking Asylum

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234,000 Voters

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Impeachment and the Founders

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Job requirements for President

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Voter Purge

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When gangs run prisons

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A Public Charge: Trump v. Immigrants (again).

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Impeachment:The actual words

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"High crimes and misdemeanors"-What these words mean.

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DHS and your money

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14 days for Felicity

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Presidential pay to play?

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Court or not a Court?

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No escape from terror

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